Spotlight on: Dr. Fish Ocean Spa Excursion

Adults only

½ day excursion:  9AM, 12PM, 3PM

Trip Advisor Ranking: #1 Spa & Wellness Center in Bavaro

Language: Multi-lingual

Location: Calle Mare, Los Corales, Playa Bavaro, Bavaro



If personalized attention, extraordinary views, helpful and respectful personal and total escape is what you are seeking, then you might want to give Ocean Adventure’s Dr. Fish Ocean Spa Excursion a whirl.  Dr. Fish? Yes, that’s right!  Before you board their double decker sailing boat, you are treated to a foot exfoliation with the aid of tiny fish called Garra Rufa or otherwise known as nibble fish.  It is amazing to watch and even more amazing to see the results- better than any pedicure!


Once onboard and moving languidly along the coast of Bavaro-Punta Cana, the spa activities begin with an ionic foot spa treatment, which aids the body to purify and releases toxins via the pores in your feet.  What is helpful is that the staff provides information about the process so you can understand what specific areas of your body the toxins affect. The Bio-Pilates class is a combination of stretching, light Pilates & breathing; all to relax and remind you to stay present in the moment.  The massage tables, located on the first level are private cubicles with open air and views of the beautiful sea.  Other treatments are a full body exfoliation (very short!) and a relaxation session of floating on an air mattress in the natural pool.


What is really unexpected is enjoying a delicious lunch buffet on a floating restaurant!  After lunch we boarded the boat again and wine and other beverages were served to satiated customers.

Throughout the excursion, fresh fruit, nuts, water and fruit juices are offered.


Note: Most of the treatments last 15-20 minutes so if you are an avid disciple of spa treatments, this excursion will only wet your appetite… but you will have a sweet taste!

Getting there: If you are staying at a resort, Ocean Adventures will provide transportation.

If not, you can go directly to the main launch and office: Calle Mare, Los Corales, Playa Bavaro, Bavaro.

Tip: Reserve online or through your hotel or resort.  Reserve online and get a 10% discount off a second excursion