Surfing in Punta Cana

Spotlight on: Punta Cana Surfing Adventures and Rancho Puros Vida

Surfing Adventure

Activities: Traditional Surfing and Stand-Up Paddle Excursions and Lessons for beginners and advanced-beginners

Location: Playa El Macao and home camp, Rancho Pura Vida (on the same road just before Playa El Macao)

Access: Open to the public and tour operators- go to Rancho Pura Vida or directly to Macao Beach

Punta Cana Surfing Adventure-entrance

Punta Cana Surfing Adventure-picturesPunta Cana Surfing Adventure and it’s home camp, Rancho Pura Vida are the collaboration of Italian–born Cristian Maffione, water sports expert and Uruguayan, Flavio Acuña, a Physiotherapist who specializes in Traditional Chinese medicine. Their love for nature, passion for surfing, and years of expertise allowed them to create an ecologically minded environment for people to experience, relax and learn. With Surfing and Stand-Up Paddle Surfing featured as the main activities, Rancho Pura Vida also offers a spacious compound complete with a restaurant specializing in Dominican fare, natural massages, holistic healing herb garden, a modest banana plantation with over 300 trees, an organic vegetable garden serving the restaurant and spectacular views of farmland and the mountains. Rancho Pura Vida is located on the same road that leads to the most beautiful and primitive beach, Playa El Macao, where the surfing is the best Punta Cana has to offer!

In an interview with Manager Patrick Romaña Kelly – Manager

“Three out of our four master instructors are national champions and two, Edwin Feliz, 18 years old and Javier Feliz, #1 in the national ranking, have representeSurfing_Adventure1d the Dominican Republic in international competitions. Alberto Moreta, is a very consistent surfer with technical expertise. We call him “Ave”, the word for bird, because he flies so high with incredible grace. We have ten instructors in all.

The height of the waves depend on the season but we always get 2-3 foot waves, which is perfect for beginners. Bigger waves are at Chepes, on the left side of Macao but this is for advanced surfers only. There are rocks on the bottom and if you don’t know how to fall off a surfboard, you can get hurt. Waves can get very big and shallow. Our main activity takes place on the safest part of Macao with sand at the bottom, small waves, no current and waist high. Safety for all is our #1 concern. We have all our licenses and do things the best way possible. We have more than 100 new surfboards. The private ones are made of fiber but the new boards for beginners and advanced beginners are made of foam. These are very soft and light and the fins won’t cut you. These boards are 9 and 10 feet.


Our instructors live here and we want them to go to the university to progress in life. A professor from Miami, now living in the DR, comes here to teach them English everyday. They are going to represent us in national competitions as the Punta Cana Surf Adventure Surfing Team. When there are good waves we let them surf—surfing is more important than eating!

Punta Cana Surfing Adventure-staff

We offer Stand-Up Paddle Excursions too. The boards are 11 feet and need to be used with paddle. We go out on the far right of Macao where the rocks give shelter and the waves are calm. You can explore little coves and beaches – it’s really beautiful!”

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